A sacrificial friendship and a motivation to attain success.


   Two young struggling art students,  Albrecht Durer and Franz Knigsten, worked as laborers to earn
money to pursue their art studies. Their work was very hard and time-consuming; leaving little time to
advance their studiesOne day they came to an agreement:  They would draw lots, and the loser would
support the winner while he continued his art studies.  When the winner finished he would then support
the other so that he could complete his art studies.  Albrecht won and continued his studies while Franz
worked at hard labor to support them. 

     Albrecht studied in Europe and developed his talent and genius.  When he became a success, he re-

turned to keep his bargain with Franz.  It was then that he discovered the enormous sacrifice his friend

had made for him.  As Franz worked at hard labor, his fingers had become twisted and stiff.  His what

use to be long, sensitive fingers and hands had been ruined for life.  He could no longer manage to execute

fine paintings.  But Franz was not bitter, however, but happy that his friend,  Albrecht, had attained success.

     One day, Albrecht found his loyal friend kneeling - his gnarled hands entwined in silent prayer. 
Albrecht sketched his friend’s hands   -   and later completed a truly great masterpiece known as the
Betende Hande  translated  “Praying Hands”.
    The picture above is that masterpiece.