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National Organization Of Pentagram Squatters
NOOPS Bumpersticker
by Paul Peterson Anerican 1946-

In response to one of the NOOPS
John E Jones III, a member of the National Organization Of Pentagram Squatters.

 A Direct Assault on God ... The theory of evolution for the theory of creation.  According to this federal judge in Pennsylvania with prejudices...        (read his opinion you will understand) 
   1) By chance life was formed from nothing.
                                                (science #1 rule from nothing, nothing comes).
   2) Animal life and plant life accidentally came into being simultaneously since animals need the oxygen produced by the plant and the plant
               needs the carbon dioxide produced by animals.
   3) Life by accidental mutation became a fish
   4) Then eventually by chance life became amphibians
   5) Then by mutation life became reptiles
   6) Then by a miraculous chance became mammals.
          a) rats
          b) then finally by a random accidental mutation became a human being.
Since they don't cross breed
At every stage of species' development , both male and female had to mutate simultaneously.
All this,  doesn't include the chance mutation of plants for the support of human life.

For this judge? this is acceptable to teach to our children in school because it is scientific ..
                 (in his opinion)
Its alternative is not allowed to be taught.
                That an eternal loving God designed an intricate environment and then molded us
                 in his image to live there. This is called creationism. It is not to be theorized, discussed
                 or debated in school.   Amazingly
 The lie is acceptable when the lie is known, but what might be true is not acceptable just because it is beyond our limited
                 understanding or comprehension.
Not allowing a debate to increase that understanding is error.
Interestingly, since hypotheses (ideas or questioning) are the first part of the of the scientific method this ruling is even in
                the face of the scientific community.
Great job Judge? Jones!!!!!
GET GOD OUT!!! why?
So you and satan can be exalted!!!!
Extremely bad idea...

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