This is my way of showing satan's age old strategy in all that it does. 
       satan's purpose never changes !!                        stealing God's Glory 
       The satanic method is always the same.            but satan's vocabulary is not !!!
I have presented this multiple choice question on another page. Thought I would answer it here.
Concerning the use of polls. Do they support the:
A. Truth     B. Lie     C.  Both A and B

Whose Rules

by Paul Peterson American 1946-

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Table Rules

If you think that you have kept all the commandments of the law. You have missed the last one (Luke 18:22)

Thou shalt not Covet  What does that mean?

       satan knows what covet means... It is a major tactic "WANNA". (want to) 

                                     Therefore satan's serpent tail slithers to point out that commandment first.
satan creates a 'Wanna',  a desire to satisfy oneself and forget about others.

                                      At this point satan's serpent body is developing behind the tables of the law out of sight
                                      to pervert secretly the 7th thru 9th commandments.

What are they?

Thou shalt not bear false witness (do not lie)       Exodus 20:16

What is a methods satan uses for breaking this commandment?
Vocabulary change... the subtle lie ...... examples
                A.   "separation of church and state" is in The US Constitution ....(not so)
                              Result..... restrict religious liberty, free exercise of, which IS guaranteed in the Constitution.
                    B.   "Right to privacy" is in the Constitution ....(not so)
                              Result.....  pave the way to legalize abortion (killing the unborn) 
                C.  "Choice...."  word used to disguise the true meaning of the word "abortion" the killing of the unborn. 
 As I mentioned before nothing new for satan's tactics he is predictable remember he is the author of lies
 and a liar from the beginning.
                      "Choice" given to Eve was the method that satan used in the garden 
                           Result... death came into the world
Now the children are singled out for death by our "choice" add to that
old or sick people singled out by government "choice"  (read new health care Law).

JUST IN!   7/23/2010
The newest lie is in the making... 
               D.  'Freedom of Religion'  being changed by satan and its cohorts  'Freedom of Worship'......
                     result?...... Americans worshipping  the tree, the cow, the golden calf, satan,?
                     Oh!  that is what got us to this point in the first place..
 Destroying our founding principles!
satan and his friends (the Liars) attacking God's Principles again!!!

Thou shalt not steal                         Exodus 20:13
     desention within the society.
Thou shalt not commit adultery       Exodus 20:14
     directly in the face the family
These two commandment satan is widely involved in. His targets are too numerous to deal with here.

                                       Notice that the serpent doesn't rear its head until its shadow has already
                                       been cast on the 5th and 6th commandments

What are they?     

Honor your father and your mother     Exodus 20:12
Thou shalt not kill                                Exodus 20:13

To whom was the 5th commandment given?
           To the offspring (Children) of the father and mother
Why was this commandment so important?  Important enough to be the first of the second table of the law.
           The family was to be the building block (basic unit) of the society. (father, mother and children) 

       satan knows that the family is the cornerstone of God's plan...... 
What are some of the tactics that satan uses to target the family? Who implements satan's agenda?
        A.  abortion (which falls under the 6th commandment also)
        B.  marriage between same-sex partners. (no family with offspring there)
        C.  spanking is child abuse  (so kids will do what is right in there own eyes)
        D.  it takes a village  (no family values there)
        E.  go to work don't raise your children.. let the government do it  (so when you come home you wont recognize them)
        F.  adultery family cohesion



OH!  Now I know! Those are some of the reasons for ridding ourselves of God rules.  

                                               After the field has been muddied, Satan feels confident to make a frontal assault on 
                                               God's rules. Hence the serpent's head moving to obstruct the first and foremost commandment.

I AM the Lord thy God you shall have no other gods before Me.   Exodus 20:2-3

                                                 Now that satan has come to the foreground.
                                                The commandments start being erased to make room for the Judges gavel which appears over the
                                                table of the law and obstructs more of God's rules.
Those who give homage to satan become outspoken.   (shaking their fist at God)
Court judges virtually go unchecked some targeting God's plan directly  (they like playing God boy wait til the real judge enters the picture)
Leaders become hostile to God rules.    (they want to make their own)

God's Law has become marginalized    To our detriment!

It has happened to most, if not to all, other countries in the world throughout history, knowing that..... why are we letting it happen here?


Concerning the multiple choice question at the top of the page
The Answer is
C.   That is satan, the Babylonian whore's, most used strategy .