Moses enters the picture 
which began a saga that lasted 80 years 'til purpose

The Finding of Moses
The Finding of Moses by Edwin Long
by Edwin Long English 1829-1891

The Finding of Moses
by Lawrence Alma Tadema Dutch 1836-1912
The Finding of Moses
Diziani The Finding of Moses
by Gaspare Diziani Italian 1689-1767

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All the artists were inspired by the reading of Exodus 2:5 and the surrounding verses    2 English, 1 Dutch, 2 Italian and 1 French 


The Finding of Moses
La Fosse The Finding of Moses
by Charles de LaFosse French 1675-80

The Finding of Moses
The Finding of Moses
by Fredrick Goodall British 1822-1904

The Finding of Moses
The Finding of Moses
by Orazio Gentileschi Italian 1563-1639

Read  Exodus Chapter 1 and 2

Exodus 1:8-22    The stage is set for this event. 

Whom do you think set this stage? 

A. the pharaoh        B. YAWEH (God)        C. satan

.    .    .

Exodus  2:1-10
Moses was born to 2 Levites (the priestly tribe)
His parents after protecting Moses as long as they could set him adrift on the Nile in a basket. 
His parents, in effect, placed him in God's hands.

Wonder what happened?

1.  Pharoah's daughter finds him.
2.  Moses real mother gets to raise him and gets paid too..
3.  Moses grows up in the Pharoah's household with the best education, clothes etc. (everything)
By the way... None of this happened because of what Moses did... 

  click the picture below  Moses' Calling

Moses before the Burning Bush
The Calling of Moses