Bill Clinton was the second Democratic president to run on the premise of change, Carter being the first. One of his changes which later was reversed by George Bush is visualized below.  This procedure was labeled Partial Birth Abortion.   Strangely Obama, the third Democratic president to run on the premise of change has gone to infanticide.  Go here to hear him  and  know the truth about the kind of people they really are.  Seems Democrats are into murder for convience by making it the remedy for rampant sexual behavior.  All this has been diminishing the value of life since 1973.  They even make it the major part of the Democratic Conventional Party.   Sick I would say at the very least, but demonic in major proportion.   Nice Choice Sickos. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Abortion Good?

Can anyone answer and explain this?

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This painting was created in 1994 in response to a Bill Clintion executive order made soon after he became president.
How Do YOU Feel about this?
It caused me to throw up as I was painting it.  I feel you need to know the truth so this sickness doesn't repeat itself and spread also to old people.
Which ever way you cut it this is an evil sickness.
Look at the progression 

 June 17, 1963            Bible reading and prayer out of schools.   Definite effect on children's behavior in preparation for classroom activities.  Also a major road block for teaching the truth.   TARGETING CHILDREN

 January 22, 1973   Roe vs Wade   Abortion .   Affecting the value of (and to) the child as being only a disposable thing.  This was devastating to the value of life in interrelationships with each other         Again TARGETING CHILDREN.

@ January 25, 1992 Partial Birth Abortion. I thought  this was the ultimate horrific aggression against the innocent.

Obama attempted to take it further.  Kill the baby after being born alive. His attempt was rejected.  Listen again

This Painting Held for 18 years For such a time as This!!!!

Interesting Abortion (murder) of innocence is the plank of the Democratic Party.

This guy WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON is the poster child, applauded headliner and speaker at the Democratic National Convention 2012
Shame on You and Yours!!!

It was true then and is magnified now you can only fear their plans for the future.

 OBAMA: "It could have been My Son"

Apparently he really didn't care.            Listen again